Below are the answers to your questions, darling.

Q&A - Victoria Peche


Your face is blurred. How do you look like?

I was gifted with striking blue eyes, soft and full lips, and symmetrical features. Think Natasha Romanoff from Avengers, a.k.a. Scarlett Johansson. If you love a classic beauty of European descent, you will dig my face!

Do you tour to other locations?

I am based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, San Jose. I own and maintain a beautiful boudoir, where I host my selected friends. I occasionally venture out to other cities and states, but mostly to see the sights and explore. You can get in touch with me to ask if I plan on visiting your city.
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Do you offer Fly Me To You dates?

I love hopping planes, and am passport ready! I require a full day minimum rendezvous for the domestic trips, plus the first class airfare and a four-star or higher accommodation. For international trips, please contact me.

What are your sexual preferences?

I prefer and love men, however, I am seriously and wholeheartedly bisexual. I love the softness and touch of a woman, and I offer doubles with several gorgeous lady-friends of mine. Please contact me to arrange some wonderful doubles.

What are your little pleasures?

I love See’s candies (California brittle is my fav), lilies and flower arrangements, Cartier jewelry, tight, Euro style dresses, and yoga and tennis outfits. My measurements are small for most clothes, 34 C cup, and an 8 shoes size (American). I love sushi and steak. I still have half of the world to cover, and would fancy visiting New Zealand, Iceland, Australia, and possibly even do a Safari! Want to learn more about my likes, kinks, and desires? Book your special and sensuous time.